Sleeping, curtains and fabric

Sleeping, curtains and fabric
Here is feedback from a customer:
The canopy is awesome. I am so happy. It's great to sleep under. I felt an improvement after just a few nights. It is much easier to fall asleep.
Now after a few months I can say that I no longer sweat at night and the leaden tiredness in the morning is gone. In addition, I have had a normal vitamin D blood level again for 12 years. I have no idea if there is a connection.
But it seems as if the nightly rest, which the body has under the canopy, sets things in motion. The dreams are also "clear" again and I remember them much more often in the morning.
The workmanship is very good and stable! A well thought-out system. I find the hanger in the middle particularly practical.
I have the large canopy hanging in a sloping roof. With the additional central suspension, there is much more space inside. My initial concerns about air permeability have not been realised at all.
The fabric is light, lets a lot of light through and at no time are there any problems with airflow. The advice on the phone was warm and competent. Thank you both very much.
Corinne, May 2021

Protect your precious sleep with canopies in various designs or bed sets and blankets for protection at your sleeping place.
Our canopies are the best solution to be fully protected from mobile phone radiation from all sides even when sleeping. Stretched over the bed like a mosquito net, these nets protect against all kinds of mobile phone radiation. In different price ranges, sizes and fabrics you will find the right canopy for your sleeping place. Not only for the bedroom, but also for the children's playground or in the garden you will find the right canopy. In addition, you are also protected from mosquitoes and flies as a practical side effect.
Canopies to be fixed directly to the ceiling or canopies with a suitable stand so that you do not have to drill a hole in the ceiling.
About earthing canopies: Canopies do not need to be grounded - this has been measured and confirmed by a professional technician in measurement technology.
However, as with all canopies, no electrical cables may be laid too close to the canopy inside or outside.

Curtains are sewn to measure with a lead tape at the bottom and a hem at the top for individual hanging.
Fabrics by the metre