About us


Instead of retiring at the age of 65, we, Adesh Ronald and Ajita Ruth Widmer from Ehrendingen, have turned a problem into an opportunity: manufacturing and selling clothing, canopies and bedding for protection against mobile phone radiation.

Not to enjoy retirement, but to go new ways and to transcend, to take every situation as an opportunity to positively move forward, for this we were inspired by the peace philosopher Sri Chinmoy (1931-2007), who practically sleeplessly worked for world peace until his last breath. For over 30 years we have been practicing meditation daily, keeping our bodies fit and trying to put the inner values of meditation into practice in our outer life.

Ruth Widmer experienced firsthand how the radio waves severely affected her health. After two years of suffering, her doctor had given her a measuring device for electrosmog after various futile attempts to cure her. She was shocked to discover strong radiation from the transmitting tower 200m away, from her neighbor's DECT phone and from her own Wifi at home.
With protective clothing, a canopy for the sleeping place and wiring of the internet, Ruth can now lead a complaint-free life again. However, as soon as she goes outside unprotected or stays in places with strong radiation, she gets headaches, feels pressure on her chest at night and feels completely over-excited, which leads to exhaustion.

With over twenty years of experience in the trade of various goods (toys, underwear, gifts, home textiles, tools, etc.), we have now built up a range of products for protection against mobile radiation within a year and a half.

It is close to our heart that the population can protect itself against the radiation and thus lead an unrestricted life. The constant irradiation from various sources is constantly hitting us and symptoms usually appear with a delay. In many cases, the connection to mobile radio is either hardly recognized or only after many years of suffering and countless fruitless visits to the doctor and therapies. In our circle of acquaintances we find many electrosensitive people who can sing a song of their long lasting suffering. The body does not get used to the constant exposure to radiation, but becomes more and more sensitive to it. Children are especially at risk because their bodies are still growing.  Once electrosensitivity becomes noticeable, it becomes more and more difficult to protect oneself from the rays, which can lead to inability to work or even travel. Early prevention is therefore an important measure to avoid later consequences.